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At Armstrongs it is our biggest aim to give people the unique, personal funeral they want at a cost that’s realistic and affordable.


We often find that families or even the deceased if they have left wishes, want something other than a black hearse, and while a black hearse is still the most traditional and preferred vehicle some families want something a little bit different.


In fact, a recent survey stated that 26 percent would opt for an alternative hearse that says something about them as a person. As an independent funeral service we can source hearses from any supplier.


A white, silver, pink or union flag hearse! A horse drawn hearse in white or black, a motorbike hearse, Land Rover; the list is almost endless.


For a while now we have been searching for an alternative hearse to add to our fleet that we could offer to our families at a fair price. And we think we have found her (yes, she is a her and no, no name yet)


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Hearses & Alternative Vehicles

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Something A Little Different

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